Multi-disciplinary in approach, my practice is, through conceptual necessity, decidedly materials based. Working primarily with plant-based materials, I explore relationships between New Age spiritualism and the utopian promise of new – or newly “rediscovered”- technologiesFrom the flower power of the summer of love to the “reformatted food” soylent, my work investigates ideas of wellness, the feminized body and the labor that body performs. Like any body, my work is comprised of organic materials which are aggressively non-archival; their inevitable decay resisting neoliberal pressures of infinite productivity while pointing to timelines beyond the Anthropocene.  
My solo practice forms a tangential line of inquiry to the longstanding collaborative practice Nightmare City. A project to augment physical space and viewer experience through audio/visual experiments and distributed networks, Nightmare City borrows aesthetics from rave, party culture and post-shamanic rituals. The group uses a pastiche of display tactics and technologies from mismatched eras to reach simultaneously forwards and backwards through temporality.
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