California Convent is a performative installation incorporating the healing aspects of sauna, herbalism and sound bath while simultaneously questioning the function of wellness culture within contemporary capitalism. Participants are invited to experience the performance from within infared sauna blankets featuring aesthetic interventions and treatments by Rocco Ruglio-Misurell. As infared light waves work to “improve the immune system, calm the nervous system, speed up metabolism, alleviate pain, boost collagen, [and] enhance circulation” participants are treated to scentscapes and infusions crafted by Brogan Geurts from herbs and flowers foraged on site and selected for their medicinal and ritual uses. A publicly available AI voice replacement service trained by carrick bell recites an incantation divined by Tara Dominguez as Keturah Cummings performs an aufguss using birch elements harvested from the performance site.
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